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About Bobby Wiggins

Born in Mobile, AL in 1962 is where I lived there until the age of 17.  In December 1979, I enlisted in the US Navy as Machinist Mate. My first duty assignment in Great Lakes IL for basic training and A-school.  In 1984 I was assigned to Naval Air Station Security department in Memphis, TN as an armed Security Patrol officer. In August 1990 I was deployed to the Gulf theater in support of Operation Desert Shield-Desert Storm.

Before leaving the military in 1993, the WWW was opened to the public. I immediately seen a potential to begin making income on the internet by selling liquidated computer parts and software online on what was originally referred to as "BBS".  These were online electronic bulletin boards.

In 1995, eBay was launched and I continue to expand my business on this venue.  I achieved the prestige of becoming one of the first eBay PowerSellers.  From the revenue I earned from eBay, I acquired a Mexican Food restaurant called El Toro Taco located in Millington TN.  I continued expanding my online business. In 1995, I started BIZ2001.com, a web-hosting provider offering web hosting services to individuals and small businesses alike.

El Toro Taco Millington TN

In 1999, I joined FlashNet Communications. FlashNet was a network marketing opportunity that provided low-cost dial-up internet service. The financial benefits created an exciting time for my business. FlashNet experienced enormous growth and sales. FlashNet was purchased by Prodigy in 2000.

FlashNet Communication

Over the years I have owned several Brick & Mortar businesses which I promoted all on the Internet.  In 2002 I sold BIZ2001.com devoting my time completely to Internet Marketing. In a nutshell, I enjoy internet, affiliate and network marketing to the point I elected to pursue this full-time leaving the Brick and Mortar behind.

I’m looking forward to working with you, providing you with valuable content, proven strategies and affordable solutions to grow your online business and to meet your goals for SUCCESS!

Email: Partner@BobbyWigginsOnline.net

Skype: live:bobby_2088